Grunyk Family Law provides family law representation and services, and works with you to choose the dispute resolution methodology that best suits your situation.
  • Collaborative Law
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
Collaborative Law
Do you believe you understand the internal dynamics and issues of your family better than a judge would? Then consider the collaborative law process. You and your spouse are each represented by a certified collaborative law attorney, and you must each commit to fully disclosing your assets and liabilities. Participants agree not to go to court, except under very limited circumstances. We use a team approach to resolving issues and we involve neutral experts, as necessary, to drive us toward resolution and to craft agreements tailored to your family’s needs. Control and timing remain with you; not with the court system, a judge or with the attorneys. It is a dignified, private process, where the focus is on resolving issues and minimizing the adversarial process that can often become counterproductive. This process is a relatively new alternative in Illinois.
Are you more comfortable with the “traditional” approach? This process tends to focus upward, toward the lawyers, the judges and the court system to resolve disputes. Timing is set by the court system, the proceedings and records are public and the outcome of a litigated case tends to be less tailored to a family’s specific needs. This process is necessary where one of the parties will not act in good faith or provide full disclosure, or when communication between the parties has broken down and cannot be revived. The litigation process is an adversarial one, and seldom results in an outcome that encourages cooperation between the parties when the case is concluded.
Do you believe that you and your spouse have resolved most of the issues, but need some guidance and help discussing options on some particularly sensitive issues? In mediation, we facilitate the resolution of issues by remaining neutral and guiding the parties to closure. As a mediator, we will not prepare the legal documents necessary to legally conclude your case, but we will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding that you will each take to your respective attorneys to review and convert into the legal documents needed to conclude the matter.
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