At Grunyk Family Law, our philosophy is simple yet powerful: divorce with dignity.
Helping men and women achieve their family law goals while maintaining dignity and self-respect is the cornerstone of our practice. We are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes in an amicable fashion.
Our experienced divorce attorneys have significant experience in family law practice areas, including divorce, allocation of parental responsibility (commonly called child custody) and paternity. We are also one of the few Naperville-area law firms that handle matters relating to same-sex relationships. We take a team approach to every case we handle, applying our combined skills and resources to protect the best interests of our clients. If you are in need of a consultation for divorce, separation, or a family law matter, call us today at (630) 428-3300.
Strong Relationships Are The Foundation Of Our Success
Our strength and success as a law firm has been built on two important principles; the strong relationships we establish with our clients and our unyielding commitment to doing what is right. We will listen to what you want to accomplish and what obstacles you are afraid of confronting, then prioritize your issues and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.
We truly believe that every client and every case is unique. How the law is applied varies with each case based on what is right for the people involved. We never feel like we have won a case unless a client has achieved their goals. We aim to work toward achieving these goals for our clients while maintaining their privacy, dignity, and control.
Contact A Divorce Lawyer Today
To speak with one of our experienced divorce attorneys or are in need of a family law consultation,  contact our office today.