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Collaborative Law

Families are unique and the traditional litigation model for resolving disputes does not necessarily work best for all families. In certain situations, alternate dispute resolution methods, such as the process of collaborative law, provides options for resolving family issues.

At Grunyk & Associates, P.C., in Naperville, Illinois, we provide comprehensive family law advice and representation, and are committed to helping our clients successfully resolve difficult family law matters. Family law attorney Danya A. Grunyk is a Certified Collaborative Law Professional, with years of experience in traditional litigation, and alternative forms of dispute resolution, including the many benefits that collaborative law has to offer.

How Collaborative Law May Help You In Divorce Proceedings

Collaborative law is an emerging field. It offers an alternative to traditional litigation and mediation, and may be able to help you reach a dignified and efficient resolution out of court that is less acrimonious and helps you to resolve matters involving family and divorce related issues.

These issues may include allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), determining what is in your children's best interests, and developing financial settlements and support arrangements that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your family. Collaborative law gives you the chance to take control of family law issues and your future, and structure a settlement that makes sense for your family.

Confidential And Comprehensive Solutions To Divorce Issues

Under a collaborative approach, you and your spouse work closely with your respective collaborative divorce attorneys to reach an agreement that reflects your unique situation, needs and goals. The process is private; no information is disclosed to the public. Final decisions are made by you, not a judge. Both parties agree to full disclosure, and to go to court only for limited purposes.

Understanding For Your Personal And Financial Concerns In Divorce

Family law attorney Danya A. Grunyk has nearly 30 years of experience as a lawyer, and substantial business experience, allowing her to help you handle the complex financial issues that can accompany divorce and other family law matters. She has a record of success in assisting clients through traditional litigation, mediation and collaborative law conflict resolution techniques.

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