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Child Support In Illinois

Illinois has guidelines for child support, and you can generally look up those guidelines online. Unlike many states, Illinois has not adopted guidelines that consider each parent's actual involvement and overnights with the child.

Custody And Allocation Of Parental Responsibility Play A Role

The challenging issues in child support are those cases where a parent is trying to determine whether their case warrants a deviation from the standard child support guidelines. The time you spend with your child, the number of overnights you have with your child and the parents' incomes are all factors that could affect the application of the standard guidelines to support.

Ongoing Expenses For Raising A Child

Other issues related to support involve the children's living and educational expenses after high school, or expenses associated with children who have special needs. Expenses associated with raising children increase over time and a parent's need for increased child support also changes over time.

If your children were young when child support was initially set, and the expenses that you pay to raise your children have increased, or if the other parent's income has increased substantially, you may be entitled to receive increased child support.

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