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Allocation Of Parental Responsibility (Child Custody)

When you divorce, decisions have to be made about how your children will spend time with each parent when you and your spouse begin to live in separate homes, as well as how important decisions are made for the children.

Recent Changes To Illinois Family Laws

What used to be called "child custody" is now called "allocation of parental responsibilities." Illinois courts can now "allocate" to each parent decision-making power over different major areas of a child's life. This allows both parents to be involved in making decisions for their children, even if the parents are unable to communicate well with each other. The areas over which the courts can award decision-making authority are health, education, religion and extracurricular activities.

Experienced Counsel To Develop Positive Relationships Between Parents And Children

At Grunyk & Associates, P.C., we will help you assess, based on the facts of your case, what your options are and the reasonableness of your goals, given your family's situation. You and your spouse will agree upon allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody), or if you cannot agree, the court will allocate the parental responsibilities. Similarly, you and your spouse will decide what days and times the children are with each parent, or if you cannot agree, the court will set the parenting schedule (visitation) for each of you.

You want to be sure that throughout the divorce, your children's best interests are being considered. Often parents disagree about what is in the children's best interests. When they cannot agree, professional intervention may be appropriate, and in some cases, court intervention becomes necessary.

The court considers various factors in determining what is in your children's "best interest." We will educate you so you understand the factors that the court considers in determining "best interest" and how those factors relate to your case, your children and their needs.

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